My ‘Big Burlesque Day Out’ fun!

Elle Du Jour at Big Burlesque Day Out 2014

Elle Du Jour with her beautiful purple fans

After Lea Rice’s lovely guest blog post about London Burlesque Festival‘s Big Burlesque Day Out last year, I was very excited when one of my Foxy Burlesque students shared a Facebook message about booking a stall at this year’s event.

Me and my Foxy Burlesque stall

Me and my Foxy Burlesque stall!

To be honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but booked a stall and decided I needed to make sure what I had on offer was different from everyone else. I wanted to promote Foxy Burlesque courses and workshops etc, but decided to sell a couple of things too, so opted for my Foxy Burlesque DVD ‘Take It Off’ and some gorgeous burlesque cupcake toppers care of my wonderful friend Kirsty Low from CakeyBake Ltd.

Chaz Royal & Betty D'Light

Chaz Royal & Betty D’Light

The day was held at Conway Hall in the Holborn area of London, so really central and I have to say, it was a truly lovely way to experience London Burlesque Festival. You get a hall full of gorgeous burlesque stalls with items to browse through and purchase, plus a great line up of festival performers strutting their stuff on stage.


Chaz Royal is the man behind London Burlesque Festival and his beautiful Mrs, performer Betty D’Light, is the lady behind The Big Burlesque day Out. It’s her ‘baby’ and she did a fantastic job organising and hosting.

Artwork by Madams Pinups

Artwork by Madams Pinups

My fellow stall holders had some wonderful things to share and sell, from stunning burlesque art by Madams Pinups, Rian Hughes, Saffron Reichenbacker, to accessories and beautiful sparkly pasties by Yurei, Scandalicious, Noir Collective.

Plus vintage clothing and lingerie by Pimp My Pants, through to bespoke costume designers including NIXON Point, Chameleon Couture and Miss Odelia Opium and even the fabulous Burlesque Baking book by Restoration Cake.

And while supping prosecco and spending a very rare day out with my hubby we met some lovely people and sold a good number of DVD’s and toppers and got to enjoy the fab performances too.

Burlesque Baking book by Restoration Cake

Burlesque Baking book by Restoration Cake

There were 10 different burlesque performers putting on the show of which my favourites were:

1) Elle Du Jour, all the way from Dallas, Texas who came on stage in a beautiful blue satin cape which doubled as isis wings.  She then danced beautifully with huge purple ostrich feather fans, before finishing her act doing the splits!

2) Violet Blaze, who is taking the burlesque world by storm at the moment, literally had us all eating out of the palm of her hands.  She was AWESOME!

Colette of Colette & Willy

Colette of Colette & Willy

3) Colette & Willy, a rare duo, were just captivating.  Willy playing the accordion and telling a story of the beautiful Colette as she tantalised us all with her beautiful fan dancing.

4) And last, but very much not least was the wonderful Bruise Violet. We have seen her perform a few times now and she is always a real treat to see.  A proper cheeky minx! So cheeky in fact that at the end of her dance she held up her fans to cover herself and pulled off her pasties and cstring and threw them off!

Pasties by Yurei

Pasties by Yurei

What a great day!

Thanks so much Betty D’Light!  It was a great success!

So if late night London performances are tricky for you to get to and back from, last train panic etc, I highly recommend you look out for next year’s Big Burlesque Day Out. You really can’t go wrong. xx


Our First Vintage Hair Workshop

Foxy Burlesque's FIrst VIntage Hair WorkshopOn the last week of our courses we always take course photos.

For this our students turn up all made up and looking fantastic, BUT it’s fair to say getting the hair and make-up to look authentic is always a challenge, so I decided it was time to find a solution.  We needed a Vintage Stylist!

To find someone, I sent messages to people in the know, plus put messages on Facebook and Twitter.  I also did a Facebook search and that’s how I found the hugely talented Kelly-Marie Saunders.

After a few messages back and forth and a good chat on the phone, we had a Vintage Hair Workshop planned.

Surprise, surprise, I had no problem at all selling the 10 places, which were snapped up by Foxy Burlesque students in no time at all.

Kelly-Marie Saunders MUAKelly-Marie Saunders MUA

So let me tell you a bit about Kelly-Marie.

In her own words:

‘I started out really just doing vintage hair and make-up on myself, as I was obsessed with the era and usually dress that way.

Then my friends started asking me to help them out with hair and makeup too.

At the time, I worked for Tunbridge Wells Halifax as a financial advisor, but hated having to keep my hair colour and style more formal and having to cover up my tattoos.  I didn’t feel like I was myself. I had to pretend to be someone else every day.

Eventually the call of the creative was too much, so I decided to leave my job as a financial advisor and go freelance with hair and makeup.

So, I studied vintage hair for TV and film, learning the original ways to do all the styles and how to make them true to period rather than with a modern twist.

I also worked at Mac cosmetics for three and a half years, before leaving to go freelance full time.

I now work twice a year at London Fashion Week, I’ve worked at The Brits and at Goodwood, I’ve worked for various magazines including ‘Vintage Life‘ and ‘Best of British‘ and I have done vintage hair at various different events.’

The first Vintage Hair Workshop

Pinned curls at Foxy Burlesque's Vintage Hair WorkshopKelly-Marie’s idea for the workshop was perfect.

Each lady was asked to bring whatever she would use at home to curl her hair (whether tongs, straighteners or heated rollers) along with a dressing out brush (back combing brush) and a mirror.

The workshop was very much hands on, with the participants doing each of the three hairstyles on themselves, with their own tools.

This way they got to try out the styles with an expect at hand to guide them and answer any questions, which would then hopefully give them the confidence to go home and recreate the styles unaided.

'S' curl at Foxy Burlesque's Vintage Hair WorkshopThe ‘S’ curl

First up was the ‘S’ curl.

I know I am not alone when it comes to envying Dita Von Teese’s beautifully manicured hair.  Being able to replicate it would be fantastic.

Kelly-Marie got to work teaching everyone the tricks behind the perfect pin curls (above), making sure you are curling the hair the correct way etc, and how to then pin the curl properly to allow it to cool so the curl holds.

Then came how to brush the curl out properly, to then pin it again getting the ‘S’ curl shape (above right).  As Kelly-Marie explained, it is a true art and needs practice to get it right, but everyone’s first efforts, were great!

Speed Beehive at Foxy Buelsque's Vintage Hair WorkshopSpeed beehive

Kelly then showed everyone how to do a ‘Speed Beehive’.

Wow!  Such a glamourous look and yet so quick and easy to do.

Great with a simple scarf tied round it to dress it up, or down, depending on the occasion.

It also looks really cute with a hair band.

Victory Rolls at Foxy Burlesque's Vintage Hair WorkshopVictory rolls

Next, was what everyone wants to master, when it comes to vintage hair; Victory Rolls.

It was so nice to have a professional explaining the victory roll properly and then demonstrating it so perfectly.

Did you know, to do an effective Victory Roll you need to back comb the section of hair until it stands up independently?

It made for a good few laughs on the night, but it Back combing at Foxy Burlesque's Vintage Hair Workshopcertainly makes it a whole lot easier to work the hair into the roll you need.

Kelly-Marie, then covered pinning it properly, so no pins show and so the roll is a cone shape, as you shouldn’t be able to see through a victory roll.  Did you know that?


The evening flew by and everyone appeared to have had a great time, but being our first Vintage Hair Workshop, feedback was really important to us both.

I’m very pleased to say we had nothing to worry about!

Here is just some of the great feedback from the ten ladies who attended the workshop: Victory rolls at Foxy Burlesque's Vintage Hair Workshop

‘Really enjoyed it and I’m amazed at how effective really simple techniques can be.’

‘I couldn’t believe my hair would go into such lovely styles. Any spare time will now be spent back combing!! Thank you Laura for organizing a great evening and thank you Kelly-Marie for your time and patience.’ Nicola Bright at Foxy Burlesque's Vintage Hair Workshop

‘Brilliant evening. Lots of fun. Very informative. Kelly was fabulous. Leaving feeling confident to try the styles at home.’

‘It was fab! It was a fantastic workshop and Kelly-Marie was a fab instructor. I would definitely recommend her and would definitely attend another course. She was knowledgeable and approachable. I can never do my own hair and was nervous about trying but the styles were great and explained perfectly. I will definitely be trying them again at home.’ Kirsty Low at Foxy Burlesque Vintage Hair Workshop

‘I have now realised that my hair can be manageable. Yay!’

‘I haven’t become a hair expert but I know that if I go home and practice then I can make my hair look really nice. As with all burlesque stuff, it’s given me more confidence to have a go!! Kelly was lovely and didn’t mind if I didn’t get it straight away.’

‘Really good time. Learnt a lot.’

Future dates for Vintage Hair and now Vintage Make-up Workshops too!

All 10 participants were keen for Kelly-Marie to come back to do a Vintage Make-up workshop as well, so the first one takes place this Wednesday (24th July) and was again fully booked with no effort at all.

I will of course be back to tell you all how it went and there will be future dates for Vintage Make-up confirmed before long, so keep a close eye on the Foxy Burlesque Facebook page for that.

I am also very pleased to announce that Foxy Burlesque’s next Vintage Hair Workshop will take place on Monday 9th September 7:30-10pm.  If you would like a place, get in touch as soon as possible.  As, again there are only 10 places on each workshop and they are proving VERY popular!