Foxy Burlesque at Madame Jojo’s for ‘Up Yer Bum’!

Up Yer Bum logoMadame Jojo's SOHO LondonFoxy Burlesque have performed at a number of charity events over the years, but never before have we been invited to perform at Madame Jojo’s in SOHO London! YES, I did just say Madame Jojo’s!  The one and only!!

So, as I’m sure you can imagine, I jumped at the chance.  The fab event we are going to be part of is ‘Up Yer Bum’ a very aptly named event raising money for the very worthy charity Beating Bowel Cancer.

So, what is ‘Up Yer Bum’ in the words of the organisers:

‘We hold the “Up Yer Bum” Charity Cabaret as a fun way to raise awareness of bowel cancer and to provide entertainment in the process. The Acts are amazing quality, the compere great fun and the event offers many “oooh’s and aaah’s”. We have stupendous singers, dazzling dancers, cracking comedians and brilliant burlesque. All Acts are kindly donated by some smashing people who are willing to give their time and talent to a good cause.

Originally planned as a “one off”, we were delighted with the success of 2011 and on the night many people wanted to know the date of the next event… Which made us realise, we should do it all again and again!’

So, how did ‘Up Yer Bum’ come about?

Beating Bowel Cancer logoDeborah Puxty-Ward does a lot of volunteering for the Beating Bowel Cancer charity and has done so for over 5 years now, following a diagnosis herself at only 29yrs of age.

Please take the time to click and see Deborah on You Tube explaining how Beating Bowel Cancer helped her.

When you’ve done that, I know, like me, you will feel passionately about supporting this wonderful event and charity.

Foxy Burlesque nipple tasselsMy gorgeous Foxy Burlesque girls are rehearsing hard, so the seven of us would love to see you there!

PS: Yes we will be twirling our tassels for you! 😉

The event details?

Up Yer Bum event flyer‘Up Yer Bum’

Madame Jojo’s, 8-10 Brewer St, Soho, London, W1F OSE

Sunday 16th February 2014

4.30pm Doors Open, 5.30pm Show


Check out ‘Up Yer Bum’ on Twitter and drop by the ‘Up Yer Bum’ Facebook Page and Event, if you get a moment.  All likes, shares and mentions, greatly appreciated! 🙂

See you there! xxx…


Blitz Party!

Annie and Carlo at The Blitz PartyWhen my very beautiful and lovely Maidstone Foxy Burlesque student Annie Prosser, told me about her night out at The Blitz Party recently, I knew there would be lots of people interested in hearing about it, so I was delighted when she agreed to do this guest post for me. Thank you Annie! x

Blitz Party buntingOnce a month on a Saturday night in the brick arched streets of Shoreditch you’d be forgiven for thinking an era of old had returned as tea dress clad gals and uniformed chaps wait patiently, beside the sand bags, for the start of the Blitz Party. And last month to celebrate my birthday I joined theses eager enthusiasts for a night back in time.

Blitz Party swing bandA well-established London theme night this may be, however, like many others it is not. Once inside, the Blitz Party offers an authentic and atmospheric night that any vintage devotee would be proud to attend. With Spitfire as the ale of choice and bright bunting to set the mood all that is left is to get the guests dancing. Music on the night is a mixture of well-known classics and super live entertainment from an exquisitely turned out swing band. It was hard not to move my excited feet to each jazz filled beat!

Blitz Party LondonIt didn’t take long to loose all memory of the oyster card I’d travelled with, the iPhone map that had directed me to the venue or the website I had bought my ticket from – Blighty were fighting and I was cheering them on. As the air raid sirens sounded and the cocktails were sampled it turned into a night like no other. Conversations with new friends started over uniforms, I had found an immaculate wartime QARANC uniform at the War and Peace show months before for the occasion, and finished with talk of relatives and history – all of which fitted beautifully with the mood of the night.

When the time came for the night to end the rush of emotions I felt confirmed that it wouldn’t be too long before my victory rolls and stockings made their way back to the Blitz Party again.

Tea lights at The Blitz Party

Make sure you check out The Blitz Party website.  It’s looks amazing!  The next event is their NYE party.  Not a night to be missed, I imagine! Grab your tickets now, while you can!  Oh and if you do make a plan to get to one of their fab evenings make sure you get yourself to a Foxy Burlesque Vintage Make-up Workshop and Vintage Hair Workshop first, so you can truly look the part! x

(Black and white photos taken by Paul Hyland.  Colour photos taken by Annie)

My experience with Brazilian Blow Dry to relax very curly hair

Foxy Burlesque's Laura Lawton after Brazilian Blow DryI have naturally VERY curly hair!  So curly, in fact, that if it’s just left to be it’s natural curl, my hair would never grow past my shoulders as the curl just seems to get tighter and tighter.
Foxy Burlesque's Laura Lawton pre Brazilian Blow DryMy solution for a long time was to have it relaxed by having perming solution combed through it, which was fantastic the first time, but as the process was repeated to relax new hair coming through, the already relaxed hair would end up treated again.  Over time this resulted in hair that would just snap if I scrunched my hair in my hand.
I remember vividly the horror of being told my hair was in such bad condition I would need to have it short and grow out all the treated hair.
It took a very long time growing it again as it grows in such tight spirals, but I eventually got there, I think about 2.5yrs down the line, if I remember correctly, and it was at this point that I was told there was a new relaxing product I could try which would be much kinder to my hair.
…And so the cycle started all over again.  The good news was, it was much kinder to my hair, but it was still being re-treated all the time which meant I ended up with nicely relaxed hair at the roots and straight hair at the ends, which I would then spend my time trying to scrunch into some kind of curl to match the top.  It was a mess…
I then had my two babies and through pregnancy and post pregnancy I had huge amounts of hair loss, so my hair was actually a whole lot more manageable and it gave me plenty of time to grow out the treated hair once again.  Thankfully without the need of a drastic cut.
The last thing my then regular colourist in London said to me after my last relaxing treatment was, make this the last one, grow it out as long as you can bare it for and then no more relaxing.  I think you should try having a Brazilian Blow Dry on it instead…
So after my babies, I decided I needed to find a more local hair dresser who could do this ‘Brazilian Blow Dry’ or ‘Brazilian Blowout’ for me and I was recommended Yasmin Brockbank at RUSH in Tunbridge Wells and I have not looked back since.
I have now had this treatment done a few times and learnt a lot along the way, so I thought I’d share the findings in a hope that it would help anyone out there with really curly unmanageable hair, who wants to stay curly, but with manageable curls.

The Brazilian Blow Dry theory:

Foxy Burlesque Laura Lawton's hair before Brazilian Blow DryWhen hair is dry, frizzy and/or damaged the hair cuticals are raised like fish scales. The keratin used for a Brazilian Blow Dry goes into the gaps and works like a polyfiller which smooths out the scales and dramatically improves the condition of the hair so it is much easier to manage.  Many people don’t even need to use conditioners afterwards due to the huge improvement made.

The Brazilian Blow Dry process:

1) Foxy Burlesque's Laura Lawton Brazilian Blow Dry process just washedYour hair is washed with clarifying shampoo to remove all oils and product so it is properly clean
2) Your washed hair is brushed/combed through (I’d recommend brushing it through before washing it, as well, as this makes the brushing through after the wash a little easier)
Foxy Burlesque's Laura Lawton Brazilian Blow Dry after rough dry3) Hair is rough dried with a hair dryer
4) Next taking small sections of hair, the lotion is applied and combed through root to tip. The lotion is pure manmade keratin.

Brazilian Blow Dry manmade keratinThe one used on my hair is ‘Nanokeratin System Hair Therapy Treatment‘.

5) The lotion is then kept on the hair for 45mins to absorb into the hair cuticles

Brazilian Blow Dry keratin soaking into hair

6) Taking small sections at a time the hair is then blow dried straight using a medium round brush. This dries the lotion in to the hair. The steam at this point, which I think some people mistake for smoke, is just residue from the product. This steam from the product used on my hair doesn’t really smell of anything, though apparently some people don’t like it. Maybe different makes smell different. There are many different ones.
Brazilian Blow Dry blow drying keratin into hair7) Sections of the hair are then straightened.  Each section being straightened for up to 7 times to make sure it is as smooth as possible. This seals the product into the hair. Special straighteners have to be used at this point. They have titanium plates, not ceramic, so the heat stays in the plates.  They are also extra hot, getting up to 230 degrees and are used on the hottest setting.
Brazilian Blow Dry straightened hair8) At this point your hair salon experience is finished and you leave with silky dead straight hair, but the hair now has to stay straight, using no hair clips or bands and you must avoid any humidity and damp environments for the required period of time (3 days if you are wanting a straight hair result. 1 day if you are wanting a relaxed result, so hair is still curly but not as tight a curl as previously)
9) After the required time (see above) wash the hair and style as normal.

The result:

Brazilian Blow Dry resultSo, I washed my hair after a day and a half and I am so pleased with the result.  My hair is shiny and silky.  It feels and moves like hair should, whereas naturally my hair is so curly and dense, is just doesn’t move like hair.  It is now a much more manageable and more attractive curl.  Plus, when I want to create a vintage style for a Foxy Burlesque performance or shoot, it is much better to work with.
The reason why this works so well for relaxing curly hair, is it lasts for three months (depending on how often you wash your hair), so when you have the treatment redone, the entire length of your hair needs the treatment again, rather than just the roots.  So, no repeatedly treating the longer sections of your hair.
The other great news is, it doesn’t affect you having your hair coloured you just can’t have it coloured in the first week following the treatment.

A little bit about Yasmin Brockbank and RUSH:

RUSH Hairdressers Tunbridge Wells Yasmin BrockbankYasmin started out in an apprenticeship and has now been hair dressing for 7yrs and for the last 4yrs, she has been at RUSH. Yasmin trained with RUSH to do the Brazilian Blow Dry. They give 1 day salon training and then have refresh training and updates 3-4mthly. For RUSH this treatment is very popular and growing in popularity all the time. I was surprised to hear it even works for people with fine hair to help it feel thicker.
I think the thing that says it all is Yasmin has Brazilian Blow Drys herself! It always fill me with confidence when someone practices what they preach. For Yasmin it works really well reducing frizz, and it reduces her hair styling time from 1.5hrs to 45mins! That’s a selling point for any Mummy, surely! Basically, it’s brilliant!!
So if you are frustrated with crazy curls and/or frizzy hair I couldn’t recommend having a Brazilian Blow Dry more.  If you are also fortunate enough to be in the Tunbridge Wells area, you should definitely get yourself to RUSH to see Yasmin.
(RUSH pricing is £150-£200 depending on the length of your hair.)

The Cashmere Sale!

The Cashmere Sale Ponchos

Well it certainly seems like winter is well and truly here. Time to snuggle up in lovely warm clothes. But, let’s be honest, how glamourous and sexy does your winter wardrobe make you feel? Well worry not, I have the solution: The Cashmere Sale!

I was very lucky to recently be asked to model for this fabulous new business, so I have seen and worn these beautiful clothes and accessories and they are VERY special.

I knew I needed to spread the word, so I asked Emma Sharp, the founder, to answer a few questions for me.

The Cashmere Sale PonchoHow did ‘The Cashmere Sale’ come about?

Its all thanks to my brother really. He is a wonderfully gifted designer who sells under his own label ‘William Sharp‘ to Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Fortnum & Mason in the UK as well as various other stores around the world. I have watched his business grow over the years and then one day I suddenly had an idea for my own business. I approached my brother and asked him whether I could buy any remaining stock at the end of the season so that I could sell it at private events at a discounted price. Thankfully he thought it was a great idea and so The Cashmere Sale was launched!

Emma Sharp founder of The Cashmere SaleWhat is your background?

I have always worked for national newspapers or magazines. For the last 10 years I have worked for the biggest publisher in the UK, working across magazines such as Marie Claire, Woman & Home and most recently Horse & Hound. I have always taken great pride in my career but once my husband and I moved out of London and started a family, I found it more and more difficult to give both my job and my family 100%. I could never get the balance right and a demanding job in London with a long commute meant that I barely got to see my son during the week. I had my 2nd child nearly a year ago and that’s when I decided to say a fond farewell to my career in London and officially launch The Cashmere Sale

The Cashmere Sale TopsWhat are your aims for the business?

I really want to get the right balance between work and home life, although I often wonder whether that’s possible! My business is fairly seasonal, so most events are arranged between September and February. I love getting to know my clients and really enjoy the intimacy of doing sales at people’s houses. Many woman arrive, a little stressed, clearly thinking about all the things going on at home, but as soon as they are handed a glass of wine and then glance over at the abundance of cashmere filling the room, they relax and really start to have fun. It’s all about shopping in a relaxed and comfortable environment and treating themselves to a little bit of luxury that makes them feel and look great.

The Cashmere Sale Top and Hat Laura LawtonWho are your customers?

My brother is so clever. He designs clothes and accessories for women from 18 to 80. In my opinion that’s why the William Sharp brand is so successful. The range of appeal is reflected in my customers who are wonderfully varied, but they all share one thing – an appreciation and passion for good quality, timeless cashmere! I really enjoy watching someone pull on a poncho or wrap a scarf around their neck. They suddenly start smiling and almost wriggle into the comfort of the cashmere. That’s when I know that they’ve found something they love.

How can people get to see your products?

I do corporate events and private events, but I will be exhibiting for the first time at the Wealden Times Mid Winter Fair at Bedgebury Pinetum from 21st – 23rd November which I’m really excited about as the setting looks amazing.

The Cashmere Sale Pink ScarfSo what are your personal favourites?

I absolutely love the cashmere ponchos. Wear them with skinny jeans and knee length boots for a super cool, super sexy look or with a pair of flats to be casual and stylish. The great thing is that you always look good! When I was heavily pregnant I wore my poncho every day when I commuted up to London. Despite feeling fat and very unattractive a lot of the time, I always walked with my shoulders back and my head held high because my fabulous grey poncho always made me feel better

I love the bright scarves with the subtle crystal design on them. They make a fantastic Christmas present for anyone as they are so ageless. However, I do think that we focus so much on everyone else at Christmas, that sometimes it’s important to treat ourselves too!

Well, Emma, I couldn’t agree more!

Ladies, you all deserve at least one item! GO SHOP! 🙂

Cutty Cargo! Your chance to see Miss Polly Rae for free!

Cutty Cargo

Miss Polly Rae

Well that has certainly got your attention hasn’t it? Yes, that’s right, I said you could get to see the amazing Miss Polly Rae for free.  All you have to do is apply for tickets to the only place you should want to be next Thursday evening (12th Sept);


CuttyCargo PosterSo what’s it all about?

Cutty Sark blended Scotch whisky launches Cutty Cargo – a tour of the world’s major cities including London, New York and a city in Spain yet to be revealed, to discover some of the best home-grown creative culture and talents.

First stop is London on Thursday September 12 2013, where the hottest talent from across the city will be brought together in one place for one night, inside a giant reproduction of a wooden cargo crate, used to smuggle Cutty Sark whisky into America 90 years ago.
JessieWareMercurySinging sensation Jessie Ware will join London’s finest from across food, art, design and photography as part of an evening designed to inspire people to discover more.
Jessie Ware comments: “London is my city.  It constantly surprises and gives me pride to be a Londoner.  There is always something new and exciting popping up, whether it be a new culinary / pop up restaurant venture, a new night in some hidden gem that you may have passed many times before, or an emerging artist in any of our brilliant galleries, or even on the streets; London always surprises me.  There is always something to inspire around every street corner and that’s why I’m so excited to be part of the Cutty Cargo event, people can expect to experience the best sounds and sights of the city all in one place.”

Performances taking place inside the Cutty Cargo crate include:

  • South London born soulful songstress and Mercury Music Prize nominee, Jessie Ware. Jessie will return to her London roots as she headlines Cutty Cargo, singing tracks from her outstanding debut album Devotion.
  • London based DJ and producer Duke Dumont. The man behind the popular house hit Need You (100%) will be dominating the dance floor with a high-energy set.
  • Pioneers of the current London restaurant scene, MEAT Liquor and creator and star chef, Yianni Papoutsis will be serving up their famed burgers. The hottest restaurant in central London will be in attendance giving people a diner-style treat, which is hugely popular among the capital’s foodies and celebrities.
  • London’s hottest cocktail bar, situated in north London, 69 Colebrooke Row, will be creating Cutty Sark bespoke 1920s inspired cocktails in the secret Speakeasy in the Cutty Cargo crate venue. The UK’s pioneering drinks creator Tony Conigliaro, founder of the bar, has developed the cocktails, using the latest Cutty Sark blended Scotch whisky ‘Prohibition Edition.’
  • MissPollyRae FanPerformances will take place from Burlesque sensation Miss Polly Rae, best known as the star and creator of West End and international burlesque cabaret extravaganza ‘The Hurly Burly Show™’.
  • London based international music photographer Tom Oxley will be showcasing his groundbreaking exhibition of moving video portraits of prolific musicians. Each moving portrait is accompanied by a music track chosen by that artist. The exhibition will allow the audience to get up close and personal with influential artists including Liam Gallagher, Jake Bugg and Azealia Banks.
  • Art lovers can marvel upon an installation of mini Cutty Sark crates that have been customised by a collective of up and coming artists recommended by ‘It’s Nice That’, a leading online blog magazine dedicated to modern design.
  • The Shanty Theatre Company, a group of famed storytellers who are regulars on the London theatre scene, will take the audience on a fantastical journey as they perform a bold, love tale laced with iconic images. Mysterious twists will dazzle the audience as well as immersing them as the plot unravels.
  • Flat-e, a London based design studio, will be utilising the latest developments in technology and realtime programming as part of their immersive light installation. Their design will stretch across the roof of the wooden cargo crate creating a unique visual display unifying the creative space.
So, if that alone has not convinced you, WATCH THIS VIDEO (Cutty Cargo launch video)!
…and then WATCH THIS VIDEO of Miss Polly Rae (Miss Polly Rae prepares for Cutty Cargo London).
So, now you are desperate to go and hugely envious that I’m on the guest list (sorry, just had to drop that in there!), you need to know how to make sure you can be there too.
To find out more about the Cutty Cargo London event and how to attend visit
Hope to see you there!  🙂

The talented lady behind ‘The High Tea Cast’!

Miss Ruby Woo at Burlesque Fever Tunbridge WellsFor those of you who enjoyed Leanne Rice’s guest post 4 of the prettiest things spotted at the Big Burlesque Day Out, I decided it was high time I told you a bit more about this very talented lady from The High Tea Cast, so I asked her a few questions for you:

The High Tea CastHow did The High Tea Cast come about?
About two years ago I was contributing to a production company’s podcast with my own monthly five minute chat slot. The producer knew I was interested in journalism and radio as he knew me through my university years, so thought he’d give me a shot.
Every month I’d listen to the podcast, and there was another contributor on there that I’d never met but who I really loved to hear called Sam Sparrow. We started tweeting each other, and continued to do so for a good three months – we couldn’t believe how much we had in common!
The High Tea Cast nominated for the European Podcast Awards 2012Finally we got to meet at a party for all the podcast contributors. We got along so well that the team persuaded us to do a one off show.
After consuming much cake and way too much Jager, we came up with The High Tea Cast – a chat show packed with girl about town adventure, plenty of laughs and great music.
Skip forward two years and we’ve been nominated for two European Podcast Awards, are the only all-female produced show in the UK top 20, have a radio show on Hoxton Radio and run a team of 28 writers at – our beautiful digital magazine! It also houses my burlesque column, Ruby Off The Rails.
How did you get into burlesque?
Miss Ruby Woo Leanne RiceI have a friend called Tigz Rice (no relation – I wish there was!) who I met at university when I was 20. At the time, she was starting out in burlesque photography and had got her first event commission for the World Burlesque Games at Cafe De Paris, Leicester Square. She offered me her plus one, and as soon as I saw women like Chrys Columbine perform, I was hooked.
They were so perfect, manicured, beautiful and feminine. At the same time they were fierce, sexy and powerful feminists – completely in charge of their own bodies and able to flaunt their sex appeal without fear or judgement. I was captivated. I didn’t sign up to a class for a couple of years, but when I found Foxy Burlesque School near my hometown I came into my own, guided by my wonderful teacher Laura (or Felicity Fox). I had the time of my life – I honestly don’t think Laura will ever realise quite what those classes did to help me in terms of confidence, happiness and the option to change my life.
By the time I’d started learning burlesque, Tigz Rice had become an internationally renowned cabaret photographer.   
How did you choose your burlesque name?
The beautiful Leanne RiceI was drawn to Ruby because I wanted to make a feature of my red hair. After all, it’d been such a living nightmare to be a redhead child during my school years, I figured it was time it got some love.
I picked Ruby Woo after the album by barbershop trio The Puppini Sisters, called The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo. They were my first real introduction into the world of 1940s fashion and, indeed, 1940s style music – my first taste of stepping away from dictated mainstream style. Ruby Woo is also the name of MAC Makeup‘s best selling red lipstick – it fitted perfectly!
What performances have you done/are coming up?
Miss Ruby Woo at Burlesque Fever Tunbridge WellsMy favourite place to perform is in Tunbridge Wells at Chantilly Lace’s Burlesque Fever Show.
Chantilly is a sweetheart and total inspiration – and is teeny weeny! I’ve performed at Burlycamp, at universities to raise money for student graduation shows, at private events and all sorts.
In July I’m dancing at the launch of an underground speakeasy on The Strand in London, and performing my much-loved farm girl routine at Summer Striptease in Essex.
In October I’ll be back in Essex, possibly performing a grand total of three routines… watch this space!
Five things people don’t know about me.
Miss Ruby Woo Leanne Rice1. I like performing comedy routines the most because being silly makes me feel sexy.
2. I have a massive crush on Alice Cooper.
3. I hate wearing trousers.
4. I’ve dated the guy who does the voiceover in that really annoying Trivago advert.
5. I’m dying to learn a fire routine!
Pretty damn special isn’t she!? 🙂  Beautiful, funny, talented and the ultimate tease!  I certainly can’t wait to see her performing at the Summer Striptease on the 13th July, yes, this Saturday coming.  I will of course tell you all about it after, but maybe I’ll see you there? Tickets available here.

4 of the prettiest things spotted at the Big Burlesque Day Out

Gold fringe Candy Belle corset

Guest post by Lea Rice –

The Big Burlesque Day Out was the penultimate event held at the ten day long London Burlesque Festival. It’s a burlesque bazaar that brings vendors together to flog their wares to this glamorous performing community, politely interrupting glitzy shopping sessions with fashion shows, comedians and – of course – performances from the best showgirls on the circuit.

Ever the magpie, I have a wish list as long as your arm simply packed with beautiful, sparkly things spied at the Big Burlesque Day Out. If anyone’s looking to treat me to something any time soon, please cast your eye over this list…

Vintage inspired candy Belle corset

Betty D'light candy belle corset

Rocked by the siren-haired host of the Big Burlesque Day Out, Betty D’Light, Candy Belle’s pink and pearl corset was the star of the show.

This event was Candy Belle’s launch day, and considering the attention this £300 beauty received… I think they’re going to be an outright success. Not to mention their gold fringed number was paraded up and done the corset to rapturous applause (see above). Keep your eye on these guys!

Recoco Rock Deco Dress

Recoco Rock Deco dressAvailable in black or red, this dress knocked the socks off of the crowd.

Its gorgeous wiggle shape and cage style straps made it one of my favourite things I saw all day, and the best news is that it retails at a very reasonable £65. Made by Recoco Rock (who incidentally also do a fabulous line in summery watermelon patterned garments), I’ll be investing in this brand next time I need a sexy, eye-catching dress for… well… anything really!

Heart of the Glamazon Tasseled Empress pasties

Cheap pasties break easily, but paying upwards of £30 for them seems really steep if your whole working life isn’t dedicated to cabaret and burlesque.

Heart of the Glamazon nipple pastiesThe latter is the kind of price tag I was expecting from the Tasseled Empress stall, but to my surprise and delight their prices mostly seem to range between £10 and £20. Their website doesn’t do justice to the amount of different pasties and tassels they make so it’s best to catch them at a fayre if you can. They also do bespoke pasties if you’ve got a specific act in mind with a small budget.

Holloway Smith Noir Red Vintage Lace Eyemask with Feathers

 …For those with the luxury of a large budget however, Holloway Smith Noir is the place you need to be.

Holloway Smith Noir Red Lace Mask 2 FeatherKnown for creating bespoke pieces for the likes of Miss Polly Rae and other burlesque superstars, every single item they sell glitters with jewels and drips with class. Their eye masks recently hit new levels of popularity with the burlesque blogger world, and the Red Vintage Lace Eyemask is up their with my favourites. If I were a rich lady, all of my burlesque accessories would be coming from this place. You can’t tell me you’re not tempted…

Need somewhere to show off your sexy new garments? Check out the next Foxy Burlesque class dates and twist those new tassels!