My ‘Big Burlesque Day Out’ fun!

Elle Du Jour at Big Burlesque Day Out 2014

Elle Du Jour with her beautiful purple fans

After Lea Rice’s lovely guest blog post about London Burlesque Festival‘s Big Burlesque Day Out last year, I was very excited when one of my Foxy Burlesque students shared a Facebook message about booking a stall at this year’s event.

Me and my Foxy Burlesque stall

Me and my Foxy Burlesque stall!

To be honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but booked a stall and decided I needed to make sure what I had on offer was different from everyone else. I wanted to promote Foxy Burlesque courses and workshops etc, but decided to sell a couple of things too, so opted for my Foxy Burlesque DVD ‘Take It Off’ and some gorgeous burlesque cupcake toppers care of my wonderful friend Kirsty Low from CakeyBake Ltd.

Chaz Royal & Betty D'Light

Chaz Royal & Betty D’Light

The day was held at Conway Hall in the Holborn area of London, so really central and I have to say, it was a truly lovely way to experience London Burlesque Festival. You get a hall full of gorgeous burlesque stalls with items to browse through and purchase, plus a great line up of festival performers strutting their stuff on stage.


Chaz Royal is the man behind London Burlesque Festival and his beautiful Mrs, performer Betty D’Light, is the lady behind The Big Burlesque day Out. It’s her ‘baby’ and she did a fantastic job organising and hosting.

Artwork by Madams Pinups

Artwork by Madams Pinups

My fellow stall holders had some wonderful things to share and sell, from stunning burlesque art by Madams Pinups, Rian Hughes, Saffron Reichenbacker, to accessories and beautiful sparkly pasties by Yurei, Scandalicious, Noir Collective.

Plus vintage clothing and lingerie by Pimp My Pants, through to bespoke costume designers including NIXON Point, Chameleon Couture and Miss Odelia Opium and even the fabulous Burlesque Baking book by Restoration Cake.

And while supping prosecco and spending a very rare day out with my hubby we met some lovely people and sold a good number of DVD’s and toppers and got to enjoy the fab performances too.

Burlesque Baking book by Restoration Cake

Burlesque Baking book by Restoration Cake

There were 10 different burlesque performers putting on the show of which my favourites were:

1) Elle Du Jour, all the way from Dallas, Texas who came on stage in a beautiful blue satin cape which doubled as isis wings.  She then danced beautifully with huge purple ostrich feather fans, before finishing her act doing the splits!

2) Violet Blaze, who is taking the burlesque world by storm at the moment, literally had us all eating out of the palm of her hands.  She was AWESOME!

Colette of Colette & Willy

Colette of Colette & Willy

3) Colette & Willy, a rare duo, were just captivating.  Willy playing the accordion and telling a story of the beautiful Colette as she tantalised us all with her beautiful fan dancing.

4) And last, but very much not least was the wonderful Bruise Violet. We have seen her perform a few times now and she is always a real treat to see.  A proper cheeky minx! So cheeky in fact that at the end of her dance she held up her fans to cover herself and pulled off her pasties and cstring and threw them off!

Pasties by Yurei

Pasties by Yurei

What a great day!

Thanks so much Betty D’Light!  It was a great success!

So if late night London performances are tricky for you to get to and back from, last train panic etc, I highly recommend you look out for next year’s Big Burlesque Day Out. You really can’t go wrong. xx


The talented lady behind ‘The High Tea Cast’!

Miss Ruby Woo at Burlesque Fever Tunbridge WellsFor those of you who enjoyed Leanne Rice’s guest post 4 of the prettiest things spotted at the Big Burlesque Day Out, I decided it was high time I told you a bit more about this very talented lady from The High Tea Cast, so I asked her a few questions for you:

The High Tea CastHow did The High Tea Cast come about?
About two years ago I was contributing to a production company’s podcast with my own monthly five minute chat slot. The producer knew I was interested in journalism and radio as he knew me through my university years, so thought he’d give me a shot.
Every month I’d listen to the podcast, and there was another contributor on there that I’d never met but who I really loved to hear called Sam Sparrow. We started tweeting each other, and continued to do so for a good three months – we couldn’t believe how much we had in common!
The High Tea Cast nominated for the European Podcast Awards 2012Finally we got to meet at a party for all the podcast contributors. We got along so well that the team persuaded us to do a one off show.
After consuming much cake and way too much Jager, we came up with The High Tea Cast – a chat show packed with girl about town adventure, plenty of laughs and great music.
Skip forward two years and we’ve been nominated for two European Podcast Awards, are the only all-female produced show in the UK top 20, have a radio show on Hoxton Radio and run a team of 28 writers at – our beautiful digital magazine! It also houses my burlesque column, Ruby Off The Rails.
How did you get into burlesque?
Miss Ruby Woo Leanne RiceI have a friend called Tigz Rice (no relation – I wish there was!) who I met at university when I was 20. At the time, she was starting out in burlesque photography and had got her first event commission for the World Burlesque Games at Cafe De Paris, Leicester Square. She offered me her plus one, and as soon as I saw women like Chrys Columbine perform, I was hooked.
They were so perfect, manicured, beautiful and feminine. At the same time they were fierce, sexy and powerful feminists – completely in charge of their own bodies and able to flaunt their sex appeal without fear or judgement. I was captivated. I didn’t sign up to a class for a couple of years, but when I found Foxy Burlesque School near my hometown I came into my own, guided by my wonderful teacher Laura (or Felicity Fox). I had the time of my life – I honestly don’t think Laura will ever realise quite what those classes did to help me in terms of confidence, happiness and the option to change my life.
By the time I’d started learning burlesque, Tigz Rice had become an internationally renowned cabaret photographer.   
How did you choose your burlesque name?
The beautiful Leanne RiceI was drawn to Ruby because I wanted to make a feature of my red hair. After all, it’d been such a living nightmare to be a redhead child during my school years, I figured it was time it got some love.
I picked Ruby Woo after the album by barbershop trio The Puppini Sisters, called The Rise and Fall of Ruby Woo. They were my first real introduction into the world of 1940s fashion and, indeed, 1940s style music – my first taste of stepping away from dictated mainstream style. Ruby Woo is also the name of MAC Makeup‘s best selling red lipstick – it fitted perfectly!
What performances have you done/are coming up?
Miss Ruby Woo at Burlesque Fever Tunbridge WellsMy favourite place to perform is in Tunbridge Wells at Chantilly Lace’s Burlesque Fever Show.
Chantilly is a sweetheart and total inspiration – and is teeny weeny! I’ve performed at Burlycamp, at universities to raise money for student graduation shows, at private events and all sorts.
In July I’m dancing at the launch of an underground speakeasy on The Strand in London, and performing my much-loved farm girl routine at Summer Striptease in Essex.
In October I’ll be back in Essex, possibly performing a grand total of three routines… watch this space!
Five things people don’t know about me.
Miss Ruby Woo Leanne Rice1. I like performing comedy routines the most because being silly makes me feel sexy.
2. I have a massive crush on Alice Cooper.
3. I hate wearing trousers.
4. I’ve dated the guy who does the voiceover in that really annoying Trivago advert.
5. I’m dying to learn a fire routine!
Pretty damn special isn’t she!? 🙂  Beautiful, funny, talented and the ultimate tease!  I certainly can’t wait to see her performing at the Summer Striptease on the 13th July, yes, this Saturday coming.  I will of course tell you all about it after, but maybe I’ll see you there? Tickets available here.