My 5 ‘Summer Striptease’ favourites!

Summer Striptease line-upNow, I’ve already told you a bit about the wonderful Leanne Rice aka Ruby Woo, plus she wrote a guest post for us ‘4 of the prettiest things spotted at the Big Burlesque Day Out‘ back in May.

Well, I finally got to see the lovely lady performing her own act at Cue Tease Burlesque‘s Summer Striptease.

It was a great evening and here are my 5 favourites:

Ruby Woo at Summer StripteaseFavourite Act

Well, Leanne’s of course!  The beautiful Ruby Woo is a bit of a comedian, truth be told.

Dancing a cheeky farm girl act to The Wurzel’s ‘Combine Harvester’, she strutting her stuff, while working her way through a bottle of Scrumpy Jack before, revealing her straw covered pasties.

Mimicking Dita Von Teese’s champagne pour, her act culminated in her cooling off under the remainder of her Scrumpy.  So proud to be her burlesque Mamma!  She did such a great job and didn’t look at all nervous.  If you get a chance to see her performing, snap it up!

Calibre Blue at Summer StripteaseFavourite Costume

Calibre Blue’s sassy fast paced American act was beautifully polished and fun.

Dancing with fans and chewing gum, while emblazoned with stars and strips, she whipped up a storm.

Can’t wait to see her again, performing a different act.  I get the feeling she has some beauties up her sleeve!

Beulah Belle at Summer StripteaseFavourite Dancer

For me, Beulah Bell is a very special burlesque dancer.  I haven’t seen her perform before but her act was truly classy and professional.

I can be quite picky about the acts I like and this one was a real treat.

She had a fantastic costume, danced with red fans and even had a cheeky mini fan on her hat, which was used to hide her ‘dignity’ for a couple of seconds.  Hope to see her again.

Isabella Bliss at Summer StripteaseFavourite Style

As for Platinum Blonde pin-up Isabella Bliss, you can imagine her drinking expensive champagne with the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.  She has the Hollywood icon look, down and dusted.

Her act was more classic and alluring, which I guess is more my kind of style, so it was lovely to watch an act I could imagine having choreographed myself.

Sadie Sinner at Summer StripteaseFavourite Comedian

Well, actually favourite comedians, the evening’s hosts Sadie Sinner and Miss C.

Miss C at Summer StripteaseGetting the hosting job done right is so important, as the audience really need to be relaxed but also united and excited by the acts to come.

These ladies did a fab job.  They had us ‘whoop’ing, ‘cheer’ing and even ‘hell yeah’ing, with plenty of quick wit and one liners thrown in to the mix.

Down points

We had a great evening, but the venue was not great and unfortunately this is often the way.  Finding a venue suitable and cost effect, when you have a number of acts to pay is no mean feat.  I just wished I could have transported these beautiful glamourous ladies to a more classy and luxurious establishment.  In the ideal world though.  Not necessarily very realistic.

The only other things that was a little disappointing was the number of people in the audience.  It was such a great night and there were a nice crowd, but the organisers and the acts, so deserved a bigger crowd.

Is this because of the venue?  People just not understanding burlesque enough to give it a try?  Or, maybe it’s down to the challenge of marketing such an event?  I certainly know marketing is my biggest task.  Getting your name out there is hard work.

Whatever, they deserve a packed room, so ‘like’ their facebook page and look out for their next event, so you can support this great team of cheeky lasses.

Li-Anne June at Summer StripteaseInspirations

Well, I have wanted to do a belly dancing burlesque act for a while and seeing Li-Anne June do hers, gave me the kick up the behind that I have needed.  She was absolutely captivating.  It was beautiful, sexy and cheeky.

So I had my first intensive 1-2-1 belly dancing lesson this morning and I’m looking forward to the point when I have enough skills to choreograph a dance of my own.  Thank you Li-Anne.

Oh and did you see Isabella Bliss’s boa in the picture above?  I now have to have a boa with sparkling balls on it!  I NEED one! 🙂

(You can see that the lovely pictures I have used are by Scarlet Rose Photography.  To see more of her beautiful photos, check out her Facebook Page)


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